Monday, August 21, 2006

This I Believe...

"I am an American Muslim. I believe in pluralism. In the Holy Quran, God tells us, "I created you into diverse nations and tribes that you may come to know one another." I believe America is humanity's best opportunity to make God's wish that we come to know one another a reality."

This I believe...
We Are Each Other's Business


"But it's hard to be kind. We're not trained for it. Kindness is for sissies; we learn that early. "Nice guys finish last." If they even get invited to the race. Kindness is taken for weakness, rube-ishness, stupidity. No one seems to respect the kind. They respect the killer."

This I believe...
The Gift of Kindness
"I believe that it is only through empathy, that the pain experienced by an Algerian woman, a North Korean dissident, a Rwandan child or an Iraqi prisoner, becomes real to me and not just passing news.

And it is at times like this when I ask myself, am I prepared -- like Huck Finn -- to give up Sunday school heaven for the kind of hell that Huck chose? "

This I believe... The Mysterious Connections that Link Us Together


"I believe there is God,
I believe God is merciful and just,
But if man desires to destroy himself
I believe God will not save him."

This I believe... Human Existence is in Peril

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In other news...Jill Carroll's hostage story

"...the head of the mujahedeen cell I spent most of my time with, once had told me that when they let me go they would give me a gold necklace...Money and gold, that was my ticket to freedom. I figured that if they did give me those things, then the end might truly be at hand...They rushed me into a car waiting outside. I still didn't have gold. I still didn't have money. I began to panic. Abu Rasha was next to me in the back seat. He leaned over me, or so it felt, as I panted, blind, beneath three black scarves.
'Now we're going to kill you' "

Jill Carroll's story on CNN

Jill Carroll's story on The Christian Science Monitor


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