Friday, November 03, 2006

Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry

3rd Battalion PPCLI in Afghanistan

The Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) is an infantry regiment in the Canadian Forces (CF), belonging to 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (1 CMBG). It is one of the most decorated regiments in the CF. It currently consists of four battalions, three in the Regular Force and one in the Reserve Force (militia).

Some history: In April 1951, 2nd Battalion PPCLI, with Australian and American units, held back a major Chinese offensive that had pushed through the UN lines and was heading for Seoul. The Regiment earned two additional Battle Honours in Korea.
Read more PPCLI history, dating back to World War I.

Current Operations of the Canadian Armed Forces (approx persons):

Operation ALTAIR Arabian Gulf Region (237) ~ OP ATHENA Afghanistan (2,286)
OP ARCHER Afghanistan (35) ~ OP ARGUS Afghanistan (15)
OP ATHENA Afghanistan (16) ~ OP FOUNDATION Tampa, Florida / Bahrain (8)
OP IOLAUS Iraq (1) ~ OP BRONZE Bosnia-Herzegovina (9)
OP BOREAS Bosnia-Herzegovina (11) ~ OP HAMLET Haiti (4)
OP GLADIUS Golan Heights (3) ~ OP CALUMET Sinai (28)
OP JADE Jerusalem (7) ~ OP PROTEUS Jerusalem (3)
OP SNOWGOOSE Cyprus (1) ~ OP CROCODILE Democratic Republic of the Congo (9)
CF Operations in Sudan: OP SAFARI (32) ~ OP AUGURAL Darfur: Western Sudan (African Union) (12)
OP SCULPTURE Sierra Leone (11) ~ OP SEXTANT: Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (309)

1st Battalion ~ 2nd Battalion ~ 3rd Battalion

"Army teams dominated the sixth annual International Sniper Competition, which ended Nov. 2, by sweeping the top five spots at the end of the intense six-day event" Read more.

13th — 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, Canada. Names withheld.
22nd — 1st Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, Canada. Names withheld.

+ Canada says NO to US military deserter: Joshua Key, 27, a father of four, is the third high-profile deserter to be refused asylum by an Immigration and Refugee Board. The decision follows that of other high-profile deserters Jeremy Hinzman, 27, and Brandon Hughey, 20, who were refused refugee status and have taken their cases to the Federal Court of Appeal.

Canadian Forces - Out of My Way

YouTube user comment: "We can already kick as much jihadi ass as we need to, and no more than necessary. Quiet professionalism."


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