Monday, February 26, 2007

Dar al-Harb

British Mullah Anjum Chaudri describes the "Killing of Innocent" Non-Muslim civilians as "Legitimate".

+ Cowards strike again - Suicide bomber kills 40+ at Baghdad college: the Baghdad Economy and Administration College...Most of the victims were students, witnesses said. "May God curse the terrorists," shouted some students after the attack. Others sat on the ground outside weeping...Maliki expressed optimism on Saturday about the 10-day-old security plan and said U.S. and Iraqi forces had killed about 400 suspected militants since it began.

Cowards strike again - Blast kills 35+ at Iraqi mosque: A truck exploded Saturday as worshippers left a Sunni mosque west of Baghdad, killing at least 35 people and injuring more than 60 in an apparent sign of increased internal Sunni battles between insurgents and those opposing them. The imam of the mosque in Habbaniyah, about 50 miles west of Baghdad, had spoken out against militants fighting the U.S.-backed government, including the group al-Qaida in Iraq.

U.S. Adapting To New Insurgent Tactics: U.S. Army General Ray Odierno, the commander of the coalition troops in Iraq, has said he believes the enemy in Iraq is improving its tactics...."That's just another way they're trying to adapt to cause some sort of chaos here in the country"...Chlorine causes respiratory trouble and skin irritation in low levels and is sometimes lethal with heavy exposure...Odierno was asked about U.S. accusations that Iran's elite Quds force has been helping some of the warring factions in Iraq. He replied that he believes the Iranian group is supplying training, funding, and weapons to some Shi'ite militias, but stressed that he has no evidence that the Quds force was, in his words, "propping up" any of the Iraqi groups.

+ Good job Israel - Police Arrest Arab Israelis at Tel Aviv Firms Suspected of Doing Business With Hamas, Islamic Jihad:
Police report an increase during the past year in the flow of clandestine finance to Palestinian militant groups squeezed by a financial blockade imposed by international aid donors since Hamas last year won parliamentary elections and control of the Palestinian government.
"These funds are used as fuel to ignite terror and they allow these organizations to preserve and expand their organized infrastructure," the police statement said.

Rogue Threats Justify European Missile Defense: The United States says that it wants to build a European missile shield to protect against threats from countries it considers rogue states, including North Korea and Iran.

+ A family of 13 was killed on the road leading to Falluja, about 12 miles northwest of Baghdad, because its members were from a tribe known to oppose Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, witnesses said.
The family, including an elderly woman and two small boys, was dragged out of a minibus, lined up and shot. The bodies remained on the highway for hours because people were afraid they would be ambushed if they collected the dead, witnesses said. The family was part of the Albu Farag tribe, which has made an alliance with the Anbar Salvation Council. The council has been trying to undermine the militants, and its leader, Abdul Satar Abu Risha, was himself the target of an assassination attempt on Monday when a suicide bomber drove into his home in Ramadi. He survived, but five of his guards were killed.


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