Monday, April 09, 2007

Remembering Fallen Canadian Brothers: Vimy, France

Troops at Vimy Ridge in 1917 by photographer Jack Turner.
At a memorial site in France and in cities across Canada, the anniversary of the battle at
Vimy Ridge was remembered today. Queen Elizabeth called Canada's capture of the ridge from German control a "stunning victory.' More than 10, 000 Canadians and Britains were killed or wounded at Vimy Ridge (3,598 dead...7,104 wounded) which is considered a turning point in the First World War. The battle of Vimy Ridge is commemorated by the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, set atop Hill 145 near Vimy and Givenchy in the French Pas-de-Calais. It is the largest of Canada's war monuments. The monument was rededicated at Vimy Ridge today, 90 years after the start of the battle.

Edmonton Sun: We'll Never Forget: Calling it a "spectacular victory" and Canada's "coming of age," Prime Minister Harper paid tribute to those 3,598 who sacrificed their lives in the historic battle.

A collection of Vimy stories
+ Hell crept up on "zero hour" as Canadians fired as one
Grateful to Canada: Thousands of grateful French citizens waved Maple Leafs and wore poppies last night as they gathered beneath a massive monument to honour Canada's war dead..."Everyone came to save us during the two World Wars," he said. "For me, Canadians mean freedom."

Canadians in a shell hole at Vimy Ridge, France.


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