Friday, July 28, 2006

Greek News (Tα Nέα)

2006 August
+ Greece defeats Australia to go 3-0 [World Basketball Championship 2006]
+ Stiff fines for reckless drivers
+ Fire rages in Greece's Halkidiki region
Stolen: Icon of the Virgin Mary, at the monastery of Elona, which symbolised Greek freedom during a 19th-Century campaign to expel the Turkish Ottoman empire.
Caught: illegal immigrants, each paying up to 3,000 euros to be brought to Greece from Pakistan, Afghanistan
Greek Foreign Minister Bakoyannis heads to Middle East
Limits on Greek protests dividing opinion

2006 July
Oil from bombed plant covers Lebanon shore
McDonalds, Starbucks Stores Firebombed In Greece
The Greek military, delaying additional fighter-jet procurement, has approved a nearly $15 billion military modernization plan.
Athens: Candlelight protest over Israeli airstrikes in Lebanon
Greek PM begins Mount Athos tour, expresses support for monasteries
Greek protesters topple Truman statue in anti-war demonstration
Greece OK's first mosque in Athens

LEFT: The statue, located in central Athens not far from the U.S. embassy, has been the subject of numerous attacks over the years. It has been seriously damaged at least twice before, once by a bomb attack in the 1980s. As president, Truman supported the right-wing Greek government against Greek Communists in the country's 1946-48 civil war.
RIGHT: Dora Bakoyannis, Greek Foreign Affairs Minister


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