Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holocaust Denial

I received this email from a friend:

"General Eisenhower insisted on photographing and documenting the horrors of the Holocaust. He also forced German villagers neighboring the death and concentration camps to view what had occurred in their own backyards and made them carry the bodies into mass graves.

When asked why he did it he replied: "Because I know that one day in the future...some one will say that this never happened"

There have been organized Jewish communities in Greece for more than two thousand years. In 1943 we had 53,000 Jews. Today we have about 1,000. 12, 898 Greek Jews fought in the Greek army, one of the best-known being Colonel Mordechai Frizis, which first successfully repelled the Italian Army.

My grand-mother (my mom's mom) fed and sheltered Jews each and every time they came to her door during the war."

We sometimes think that we can just sit back, comfortably knowing that it will never be forgotten, never be challenged. Hell no. Every genocide that has occurred...we should be in people's faces about it so that it's never forgotten and so that it'll never happen again.

Ann Applebaum has a good op-ed piece in the Washington Post titled "Tehran's Holocaust Lesson":

"The Iranian Foreign Ministry held an international conference...the invitees seem to have included David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader; Georges Theil, a Frenchman who has called the Holocaust "an enormous lie"; and Fredrick Toeben, a German-born Australian whose specialty is the denial of Nazi gas chambers...Of course, Holocaust denial also has broader roots and many more adherents in the Middle East, which may be part of the point, too: Questioning the reality of the Holocaust has long been another means of questioning the legitimacy of the state of Israel, which was indeed created by the United Nations in response to the Holocaust, and which has indeed incorporated Holocaust history into its national identity. If the Shiite Iranians are looking for friends, particularly among Sunni Arabs, Holocaust denial isn't a bad way to find them.."

"...the near-destruction of the European Jews, in a very brief span of time, by a sophisticated European nation using the best technology available was, it seems, an event that requires constant reexplanation, not least because it really did shape subsequent European and world history in untold ways. For that reason alone it seems the archives, the photographs and the endless rebuttals will go on being necessary, long beyond the lifetime of the last survivor." More.
In the news:
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+ History of the Jews in Greece
+ Rescue and Liberation
+ Muslim-only swimming session irks London club members
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