Sunday, December 03, 2006

Psiphon Human Rights Project

"TORONTO, Canada (Reuters) -- Canadian university researchers have developed software that will let users hop over governments' Internet firewalls, raising the prospect of unfettered Internet access in countries that have long tried to control how residents use the Web.

"The Psiphon program, developed by computer experts at the University of Toronto, allows an Internet user in a country with no online curbs to set up an account for someone in a country that censors Web content, and that person can then surf the Web without restrictions...

"Human rights groups, along with other critics, have accused countries like China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and Egypt of clamping down of unfettered Internet use, blocking Web sites linked to or operated by opposition or independence groups. Some countries also censor sites from human rights groups, news services or gay and lesbian organizations...

"Deibert said Psiphon works by first allowing a person in a country like Canada that does not censor Internet content to set up a user name and a password for a person in a country that does -- China, for example. The Canadian user would then pass on the information to the Chinese user, who would log on to the Canadian's computer and effectively use it as a server to browse the Internet without being censored by the Chinese government. The Web traffic between the two users is encrypted and secure, so China would have difficulty tracing the usage, he said. But Deibert acknowledged that using Psiphon in countries where governments watch and censor how people surf the Web could be considered illegal. "In some countries, it might get you thrown in jail or worse, so there is a high security risk depending on the case," he said. The whole article.

Download Psiphon (released Dec. 1st, 2006). Then find someone to help.

Psiphon is funded by the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation) & the Centre for Innovation Law and Policy, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

News: + Islamic Jihad says having right to carry out suicide attacks in Israel
+ The Beatles, once touted as bigger than Jesus by John Lennon, are now smaller than Jay-Z — which is perversely fitting, since Jay-Z has branded his latest after a phrase from The Lord's Prayer.
+ 'Christmas' returns to Wal-Mart (and to Target, Sears and others....)


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