Friday, November 17, 2006

The Cold War never ended.

Canada arrests Russian spy:

The man, who was detained Tuesday, allegedly posed as a Canadian citizen named Paul William Hampel. He is accused of "engaging in an act of espionage" and being a "danger to the security of Canada." The Russian government is not commenting. "We've seen this in the newspaper and we have nothing to say," said Alexei Lisenkov of the Russian embassy in Ottawa. "This is speculation about his identity."

" would be 'a nice little coup for CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), because those kinds of spies are probably the most difficult ones to catch.'

Canadian Security Intelligence Service home page.

Other news:
Americans seized in Iraq convoy hijack +++ US Troops hunt for kidnapped contractors +++ Darfur conflict spreads as Annan announces deal +++ Canada says could help patrol seas near N.Korea +++ Canada to run checks on some, not all port workers


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