Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Children of Jihad

Children..."beat the drums of jihad..."

Photo: A destroyed police station is seen the morning after it was hit by a suicide truck bomb attack in Ramadi, Iraq, February 27, 2007

Taliban tipped-off? US and Afghan officials are investigating whether Taliban fighters who claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at Bagram Air Force Base were tipped off that Vice President Dick Cheney was visiting the US military headquarters...Reports of the overall death toll varied, with the US military saying there were nine dead and the Afghan government putting the number killed at 23 and reporting two dozen injured.

+ Conflicting reports over Iraq blast that killed 18: Iraq's government and police said a bomb blast near a soccer field in the western city of Ramadi on Tuesday killed 18 people, mostly children, but the U.S. military said it was unaware of such an attack.

Photo: A woman cries near burning vehicles after a car bomb attack in Baghdad, February 27, 2007

+ Israeli troops kill three terrorist in West Bank raid: Israeli troops shot dead three Palestinian terrorists in the occupied West Bank town of Jenin on Wednesday, and forces resumed operations in Nablus one day after Palestinians said they had pulled out...Israeli and Palestinian security sources said one of the men killed was identified as Mohammed Abu Naaseh, a local Islamic Jihad leader...Earlier, a hospital official said one of the three killed was a civilian taxi driver. But a Palestinian security source said he was in fact an Islamic Jihad terrorist.

The Israeli military spokesman said: "The target is still to damage to terrorist infrastructure in the city." He said that involved arresting wanted men and capturing weaponry and explosive materials.

Islamic Jihad: In addition, unlike the PLO, Islamic Jihad is an extreme religious organization. Its objective is to establish a religious Palestinian state, ruled by Islamic law. In this sense, Islamic Jihad is inspired by the Khomeini Revolution in Iran in 1979...The seeds of evil which eventually sprouted into Islamic Jihad were planted at Egypt’s Zakazik University–a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism. Essentially, Islamic Jihad is a product of the original fundamentalist Islamic movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, which also spawned Hamas. Visit Omedia.


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