Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dear Western world: Fuck you.

Kriss Donald's mum last night revealed her anguish at his abduction and violent death. And Angela, 43, spoke of her pride at the way her 15-year-old son faced up to his murder. She said: "They'd stabbed Kriss 13 times and set him on fire, but still he fought hard to save himself.

"...Zeeshan Shahid...savage rascist murder. He drove the Mercedes in which Kriss was abducted and driven around for four terrifying hours. He then drove Kriss to the Clyde Walkway in Glasgow's east end where Kriss was stabbed and set on fire while still alive.

Zeeshan Shahid, 28, was jailed for a minimum of 23 years; his brother, ringleader Imran Shahid, 29, was jailed for a minimum of 25 years. Mohammed Mushtaq (pictured), 27, will spend 22 years in jail. More

+ Terror attacks For the Past 4 Months +++ Terror attacks first half of 2006 +

Canada's intelligence service, CSIS, tracked 274 terrorism suspects last year. 19 suspects are facing trial in two Canadian terrorism cases. In Britain, 99 suspects face terrorism charges in more than 30 cases.


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