Friday, November 03, 2006

A Pathetic Protest

In a new poll conducted for the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, 55 per cent of Canadians said they support "conventional combat missions," as long as the cause is just and progress is being made. The survey revealed Canadians, although divided, were willing to send troops into dangerous missions even where troops risked serious injury or death, as long as they believed in the military's goals. The survey was conducted by Innovative Research Group Incorporated.

"If Canada's pacifists weren't so wrong-headed, we would feel sorry for them.On Saturday, activists opposed to Canada's military involvement in Afghanistan staged protests in three dozen cities. The results were pathetic. In Edmonton, Calgary and Hamilton, Ont., respectively, 100 people showed up. In Halifax and Toronto, it was 200. Montreal and Ottawa did the best -- with a mere 500 each. The people of Afghanistan should be quite glad for this meager turnout: Right now, soldiers from Canada and other NATO countries are the only thing standing in the way of a total Taliban takeover of the country. We find it ironic that Jack Layton, who marched in Toronto, has lent his voice to Canada's pacifists. The NDP postures as a true guardian of women, religious minorities and other disadvantaged groups. Yet the Taliban, whose return to power Mr. Layton seems so eager to facilitate, constituted one of the most misogynistic and backward regimes known to humankind." Read more of the National Post story at "Military Mom At Home"

Lt. Col. Smyrski, the Task Force Wing Flight Surgeon, examines an Afghan child's eyes during a humanitarian aid and medical assistance visit to the.

The official Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida published a vicious anti-Semitic article last week that included many of the classic anti-Semitic libels and modern "updates":
- Jews start wars, including the war in Iraq, to promote Jews' power and control
- Jews are the dominant force in US policy
- Jews control international finance
- Jews control international media

In the article, Muhammad Khalifa, columnist from the United Arab Emirates, argues that the US is planning to control all of the world's countries from a single central government in New York. The Jews, who dominate or control every key element in the US, including the stock market, the media and international finance, have used their "custom" of starting international wars to cement this US control. Credit to Boker Tov, Boulder for this one.


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