Thursday, March 01, 2007

News Round-Up

+ Islamist's terror attack prevented in Moscow on the eve of Fatherland Defendant Day

+ Canadian Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre: "(Liberal leader) Stephane Dion has caved into to extremist elements in his caucus who don't want to combat terrorism."

+ Israeli commandos continue terrorist hunt in West Bank: On the fifth day of operations in and around Nablus, the Israelis stormed a block of flats and surrounded a mosque...On Wednesday, Israeli troops killed three militants in a raid in Jenin. Israel alleged that one of the men, all members of the Islamic Jihad group, was responsible for a failed suicide bomb attack in Tel Aviv last week.

Photo: ISAF German Door Gunner at Kabul Airport, Afghanistan.

+ Iran positive on Iraq conference: Iran says it will take part in a planned security conference in Iraq, to be attended by the US, if it is "in Iraq's best interests".

+ State of the Deal on Afghan-Pakistani Border: There are reports of a resurgence of militant fighters on the remote border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Last September, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf struck a peace deal with radical Islamic tribal leaders in the area, essentially promising to leave them alone if they stopped cross-border attacks and expelled foreign fighters.

Khmer Rouge War Crime Trials May Not Continue: There is uncertainty surrounding the Khmer Rouge trial now that the United Nations and Cambodia are having trouble agreeing on a number of things that should have been resolved a while ago.

Sudan War Criminals: International Criminal Court accuses a Sudanese government official and a militia leader of working together to attack civilians in Darfur.

Afghanistan: Attack at Bagram Airbase: Some see the attack outside Bagram airbase as evidence of a substantive return of Taliban fighters to Afghanistan.

Hospital Gives Ethiopian Women a Chance at Care: At a fistula hospital in Ethiopia, women scarred by childbirth are getting a chance at treatment.

Rural Ethiopia Ignores Law Against Child Brides: Early matches bring status to rural families, but younger women say they prefer education.

Trish Stratus visiting troops in Afghanistan. Trish's real name is Patricia Anne Stratigias and both of her parents were born in Greece. Trish herself was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario (just north of Toronto).


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