Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dogfight - Greek Air Force

Greek Air force locks on to a Turkish F-16 flying over Greek air space in the Aegean Sea.

+ UAE's Foreign Maids Lack Protections: In the United Arab Emirates, most households depend heavily on undocumented workers to do domestic work. These foreign workers, coming mainly from Southeast Asia, lack legal protection from abuses.

+ Greece, Russia, Bulgaria sign $1.2 B oil pipeline deal: The pipeline will be roughly 280 kilometres long and is expected to transport 35 million tonnes of crude oil per year, with the possibility of increasing output to 50 million tonnes in the future. The 700-million-euro pipeline is set to be completed by about 2011 and will bypass Turkey's busy Bosporus Straits, carrying oil from the Black Sea port of Burgas in Bulgaria to the Greek port of Alexandroupolis in northeastern Greece.

+ EU set to share police data to fight terrorism ~ Greece, Sweden and others to join: Seeking to combat terrorism, cross-border crime and illegal migration, European member states last Thursday agreed on new plans to give each other access to their police databases.

+ Former CIA operative Valerie Plame broke a long silence
+ Iraq friendly fire death "criminal": UK coroner
+ Pakistan eased restrictions on it's chief justice Saturday and sacked 15 policemen for attacking a private news channel that had criticized the government's handling of the judge's dismissal

Photos below: Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Fighting Falcons of the Hellenic Air Force (for those straying "allies", ie bogies).

Hellenic Air Force ~ McDonnell Douglas RF/F-4E Phantom II

Hellenic Air Force ~ Vought LTV TA/A-7H/E Corsair II


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