Monday, March 19, 2007

Greek Special Forces

The video is in Greek with no subtitles. It's more interesting listening to the audio anyway, but if it bothers you that much you can just turn the volume down and put on a Metallica CD.

Greek Role 2 hospital workers and officers of the Greek army hand out food and gifts to children at a refugee camp near Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan

Greece has approximately 180 personel in Afghanistan, some stationed at Kabul airport and others at hospitals. There are around 130 soldiers and 45 air force personnel. At least two were wounded in a suicide attack in November 2005.

Major Kapravelos Commander of the Hellenic 505 Battalion in Egypt with General Whitcomb of US 3rd army

In the News:
Christian Assyrians in Baghdad Neighborhood Forced to Pay 'Protection Tax'


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