Friday, March 02, 2007

Women of the Israeli Defense Forces

I think i'm going to move to Israel. God must have blessed the water or something...
Thanks to my new blogging friend Κωνσταντίνος Κυριάκης for the inspiration (he has a link to "Girls in the IDF" on his site Politically Incorrect Talk and Thoughts)

+ Lockheed Gets $107.3M Air Force Deal

+ Terex Gets $50.6 Million in Navy Orders

+ For Azzam Azzam, the fate that lies ahead for an Egyptian-Canadian on trial for spying for Israel is all too familiar: What followed was the stuff of horror films: Handcuffed, blindfolded and bundled into the back of a car, he was taken to Egyptian intelligence headquarters. Deprived of access to his embassy or a lawyer, he says he was interrogated and tortured for eight days until, broken, he signed a confession that he was in Egypt spying for Israel...Mohamed el-Attar, detained on Jan. 1, is charged with spying for Israel to harm Egypt's national interests. But in his first public words since then, the 31-year-old Egyptian-Canadian shouted at television cameras after a court hearing that he had been "tortured by the mukhabarat [Egyptian secret service]" into confessing, and that the charges against him are "fabrications."


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