Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hotel California

Now...I'm not giving you anything you couldn't find yourself through Google or on SpyFlight.

Dreaming of being a terrorist and seeing the world? Do we have a place for you: The Central Intelligence Agency has a number of small, cute prison camps in very remote locations where high-value terrorists can be held indefinitely, out of public sight and without any hope of release or escape. Some of these "camps" are located in exotic locales like Thailand, Qatar and Afghanistan. There is at least one meal a day (pork optional). At least one of the prisons is nicknamed 'Hotel California' (after the famous Eagles song) - "you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave".

Photo above: The "Salt Pit", a CIA interrogation centre north of Kabul which functioned as a brick factory during the Taliban's oppressive rule of Afghanistan.

"If you want a serious interrogation you send a prisoner to Jordan. If you want them to be tortured you send them to Syria. If you want them to disappear you send them to Egypt"
- unnamed CIA source.

Gunmen kidnap five Europeans + 13 Ethiopians in Ethiopia
18 Iraqi police kidnapped over alleged rape of Sunni woman

+ Afghan tribal leaders ask for help to defeat Taliban
+ Australian Charged Under New Terror Law

+ Pakistan seizes one of Taliban's top 3 - Mullah Obaidullah Akhund: Mr. Akhund reputedly continued to serve as a trusted confidant of the insurgents' supreme leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar. According to Taliban interviewed recently in Quetta, Mr. Akhund was responsible for trying to buy more advanced shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles than the old Russian Strela-2M models now carried by the insurgents...It's the first time that Pakistan has openly taken action against a leader of the Taliban, which enjoyed strong backing from the Pakistani government when the radical religious movement conquered most of Afghanistan in 1996. +

+ When Jihad says 'Kiss, make up, and kill the Jews': Minutes after a suicide bomber walked into a bakery, the only business open in a sleepy residential section of Eilat, minutes after he blew himself and three innocent people to pieces and pulp, the Islamic Jihad was ready with its explanation.The attack was meant to help bring an end to weeks of Palestinian infighting that has claimed 60 Palestinian dead in the Gaza Strip since December, The Associated Press quoted a Jihad website as saying.

Islamic terror raid school is shut down:
An Islamic school which was raided by anti-terror police as a suspected jihad training school has been ordered to shut down by education bosses. The Jameah Islameah school near Crowborough on the Kent and Sussex border was raided by more than 100 anti-terror officers on September 1 last year after a lengthy surveillance operation by the security services. The independent school, which is set in 54 acres of countryside and is worth £3 million, was targeted after the arrest of 14 terror suspects in London the same day. Scotland Yard linked the school search with the terror raids when 12 people were arrested at a London restaurant and two others were held elsewhere in the city. The 100-room school, which was visited by jailed radical cleric Abu Hamza , was founded in September, 2003.

(image above: British Royal Marines in South-Eastern Afghanistan)

Islamic Jihad Claims Responsibility for Israeli Settler's Murder
In statement released on its website, group says two members of its al-Quds Brigades were 'able to lure settler into an agricultural area, and fatally stab him several times.' Organization also warns of 'more operations against Israeli soldiers and settlers'

+ List of major suicide attacks in Afghanistan (AP):
Feb. 27, 2007 — A suicide bomber outside Bagram, the main U.S. base in Afghanistan, kills at least 19 people, during a visit by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, Afghan officials say. Cheney is safe and leaves the base soon after.

Jan. 23, 2007 — An attacker blows himself up among Afghan workers outside a U.S. base in the eastern city of Khost, killing 10 and injuring 14, according to the local governor.
Sept. 30, 2006 — A suicide bomber outside the gates of the Interior Ministry in Kabul kills 12 people, wounds more than 40. Sept. 26, 2006 — A suicide bomber on foot kills 18 and wounds 17 in an attack outside a compound of the Helmand provincial governor in the town of Lashkar Gah. Sept. 11, 2006 — A suicide bomber in Khost province kills five attending the funeral of the governor of Paktia province, who was killed a day earlier in another suicide attack in Gardez, Paktia's capital.
Sept. 8, 2006 — A car bomber rams a U.S. convoy near the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, killing 16, including two American soldiers.
Aug. 28, 2006 — 21 civilians killed by a suicide bomber targeting an ex-police chief in Lashkar Gah.
Aug. 3, 2006 — 21 civilians killed in a suicide car bombing near Canadian military vehicles in town market in Kandahar province.
Jan. 16, 2006 — A man with explosives strapped to his body drives a motorbike into a crowd watching a wrestling match in Kandahar province and kills 21 people.
Jan. 15, 2006 — A car bomber slams into a Canadian military convoy in Kandahar city, killing two passers-by and a senior Canadian diplomat.
Jan. 5, 2006 — A militant blows himself up in a town in central Uruzgan province during a supposedly secret visit by the U.S. ambassador, killing 10 Afghans.
Sept. 28, 2005 — A suicide bomber on a motorbike kills nine Afghan soldiers outside an army training center in Kabul.
June 1, 2005 — A suspected al-Qaida fighter detonates explosives strapped to his body in a mosque in Kandahar city, killing 20 worshippers.
June 7, 2003 — A taxi packed with explosives blows up near a bus carrying German peacekeepers driving to Kabul airport to fly home, killing four soldiers and an Afghan.
Photo: U S Army soldiers mechanically breech a structure at the thermal power plant in Yusufiyah, Iraq, Oct 23, 2006, after securing it as a key element. Notice the "CCCP" on the red door....

Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official... ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism. ~ George Washington


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